Saving & Opening Setting Files in Fusion

Did you know Fusion nodes can be saved as text files?

Fusion’s tools are just a list of instructions, telling the app what to do. Those instructions are pretty simple and can be saved as a text file so you can save or share your nodes.

You can copy and paste nodes into a text editor, save a macro, or save as a setting as outlined in the video.

These .setting files can be shared with collaborators, or for saving groups of nodes with settings you use repeatedly.

Such small files means it’s easy to sync or distribute, no huge project files needed!

In this video from Socratica FX, you’ll learn about:

  • What a .setting file is
  • Saving nodes as a file
  • Reading a .setting file in VS Code
  • Importing a .setting file
  • Editing values in your text editor

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