Create 3D Twinkling Stars in Fusion

If you want to create a shot flying through a twinkling starfield, this is the tutorial for you.

You can create stars with a number of different methods, but doing it in 3D with a Particle Emitter may give you more flexibility for some types of adjustments.

If you end up putting a 3D model or text that you want to be flying around as well, you can take advantage of Fusion’s 3D tools to do just that.

Also the particle tools let you do all sorts of adjustments that could quickly take you from making a twinkling star field to glowing fireflies.

In this video from A Blackbird Called Sue, you’ll learn about:

  • Adding a particle emitter and renderer
  • Defining variables with pCustom node
  • Expression for Twinkling
  • Adding Camera and Merge3D
  • Alpha Multiply
  • Animating the camera
  • pKill node

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