Guide to the Media Management Tool For Saving Space in DaVinci Resolve

This is one of Resolve’s most useful hidden features.

This is one I tell people about really often. Why? Projects get bloated. They take up lots of space. And you may want to get rid of the bloat to speed up your project, or share a project with a collaborator without all the unused footage.

Let’s say you’ve picture-locked an edit. Now you’re ready to send the project to your colorist and sound designer.

Why ship a drive with absolutely all the media? It’s just extra space and could mean a bigger drive and greater cost.

The media management feature lets you export only the media you’ve used in a particular timeline!

It’s easy to use and has some features to help you create your streamlined project.

In this video from Hugo Will, you’ll learn about:

  • Trimming down a timeline
  • Finding the Media Management tool
  • Overview of the Media Management settings
  • Copying and trimming only used media files
  • Transcoding to save space
  • Exporting a project OR only clips used in a timeline OR selected clips only

This can also be used to copy and export a number of clips without needing to use the delivery page.

I hope you find this as useful as I have!

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