Organizing Footage with Colors, SubClips, Transforms, and more

Not all editing happens in your timeline. There’s a ton you can do in the media pool to organize your clips and speed up your work!

Clip colors in the timeline are a good way to see at a glance the types of clips you’ve got. I’ve done edits where my A-Roll is one color and B-roll is another, and others where I organize by topic.

But doing that manually in the timeline as you go may get time consuming. So if you have types of clip organized in the media pool you can set each type as a different color, so when they make it into the timeline, you’re able to visually keep track of the different types of clips you have in your edit.

Similarly, if you have clips that need to be zoomed in, you can transform them all in your media pool so you don’t need to adjust them manually as you edit!

If you have a single clip with multiple takes, or just a few usable moments you’d like to separate out while in the media pool, you can use SubClips.

This is a way of marking an in and out point and treating that small section as it’s own clip.

In this video from MrAlexTech, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:46 Organise & Colour
  • 02:00 Pre Transform
  • 03:49 Slo Mo
  • 04:39 Ins & Outs
  • 05:30 SubClips

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