Control Your Clips While Editing With Auto Track Selector

In order to speed up your edit, you need precise control over your clips.

If you’ve ever tried to quickly cut a clip on a multi track timeline, but accidentally cut other clips, you’ll find yourself rearranging your timeline to make a simple edit.

And that takes time.

Any method to get it done is good, but having more control will speed up your work. And that means more time for refining your cut. Or being able to hit that deadline without as much stress.

The Auto Track Selector tool will help you apply your edits only to the tracks you want.

In this video from Jason Yadlovski, you’ll learn about:

  • Identifying the challenge of edits being applied to all tracks
  • Finding the auto track selector
  • Toggling the selector on and off
  • Difference between the auto track selector and locking tracks

Be sure to check Resolve’s keyboard shortcuts to make this even faster to use!

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