DaVinci Resolve Internal Scope Setup Tips From a Pro

How do you set up your color scopes? The internal scopes in Resolve are very flexible and customizable.

The built-in scopes used to be limited to only a few scope possibilities, but the 9-scope view and other options now make them a powerful tool for video professionals.

For example, you can zoom in on the scopes, only view the shadows in the vector scope, look at a color waveform or only luminance.

In this video from longtime pro colorist Skipper Martin, you’ll learn about:

  • Popping out scopes to a new window
  • Using the 9-scope view
  • Selecting which scopes are visible
  • Zooming in on a scope
  • Viewing only low, mid, or high rages in vectorscope
  • Saving scope customization as a preset

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