Reformatting Timelines to a Vertical Video for Social Media

Need to deliver to multiple aspect ratios for online video?

It’s unlikely that your 16:9 timeline will look perfect when reformatted to 9:16 vertical video for social media platforms.

Fortunately, DaVinci Resolve has a bunch of great controls that will help you translate a timeline for another format.

Start by duplicating your original timeline – be sure to rename it so you know which is which – and then you’re ready to begin reformatting.

This is one of the places where the Cut page shines, with plenty of easy tools for adjusting a duplicated timeline.

In this video from Chris Roberts Video Production & Training, you’ll learn about:

  • 01:23 Safe Areas
  • 01:54 Applying Clip Colour
  • 03:07 Changing Timeline Aspect Ratio
  • 03:53 Custom Timeline Settings
  • 04:57 Stop and Go to Last Position
  • 05:16 Retime and Scaling settings
  • 06:11 Using Transform Tools
  • 07:47 Reframing with Dynamic Zoom
  • 09:12 Smart Reframe (Studio only)
  • 10:54 Reframing

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