Perfecting Your Noise Reduction Settings

When dealing with underexposed footage you might find yourself with a noisy image.

DaVinci Resolve Studio’s Noise Reduction tools are great for helping smooth out the image.

If you’re wondering when to use it, where to put it in your node tree, or what all the settings do, this tutorial is for you.

Noise Reduction is a processor intensive tool, so use it sparingly if you need to work or render quickly. You can also take advantage of caching to help your playback speeds.

If you’re shooting your own videos and find yourself doing noise reduction all the time, try getting better exposure in camera to save yourself some time in post!

In this video from Darren Mostyn, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:56 Project Overview
  • 01:23 How to filter out Noise Reduction clips in Lightbox?
  • 02:12 Where does Noise Reduction go in your node tree?
  • 03:48 How to build Noise Reduction from scratch?
  • 04:22 How to use Temporal Noise Reduction
  • 07:00 How to use Spatial Noise Reduction
  • 07:40 How to unlock Luma and Chroma in Spatial Threshold?
  • 08:44 How much Temporal and Spatial Noise Reduction should I use?
  • 12:14 Where do I add Grain and sharpen to my image?
  • 12:49 How to control Noise Reduction

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