Set Your Hand on Fire VFX in DaVinci Resolve

Want to turn up the heat in your videos?

You can now set yourself on fire!

(With VFX. Not for real. Please do not set yourself on fire for real)

Basic compositing in Resolve’s Fusion isn’t too complicated thanks to the many tools. This one is a fun effect you can use in your films and videos, and also a great way to learn basic compositing and object tracking.

In this video from Jamie Fenn, you’ll learn about:

  • Filming tips
  • Opening Fusion
  • Using a Planar Tracker
  • Inserting a fire element from somewhere like ActionVFX
  • Placing the fire element in the right place
  • Masking to make it appear and disappear
  • Adding Glow then Heat Distortion from Reactor

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