Complete Guide to Speed Editor & Cut Page

If you’re new to editing in Resolve or just got a Speed Editor, this is essential viewing!

In this excellent 2 part series, Darren Mostyn will guide you through how the cut page functions, how it differs from the edit page, and how to use it with the speed editor.

This isn’t just an explanation of what each button does… Darren edits a whole video and talks through what he’s doing and why for each action. It’s a great way to learn the functionality and the workflow for Cut page + Speed Editor.

In part 1 you’ll learn about:

  • 00:00​ The Hardware
  • 01:20​ Difference between the Cut Page and the Edit page
  • 07:50​ Editing Dialogue
  • 12:58​ Source Tape
  • 17:27​ Audio
  • 20:57​ Jump Cuts
  • 22:30​ Sync Bin Introduction
  • 25:20​ Close Up
  • 26:25​ Other Functions
  • 28:14​ Speed Editor in the Color page
  • 29:43​ Speed Editor in the Edit page
  • 30:23​ More functions

Want more? The learning continues…

In part 2 we get…

  • 00:00​ Recap
  • 00:17​ Sync Bin 9 cameras
  • 01:53​ Syncing Audio from a master track
  • 03:00​ Multicam editing with Sync Bin
  • 03:15​ Audio Issue Fixed
  • 06:09​ Sync Failed issue & how to fix
  • 11:54​ Clip Attributes

And there you have it! You should have an excellent grasp of how to use cut page and the speed editor hardware together.

Any other questions about this workflow? Leave a comment.

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