Advanced Cut Page Features

I’ll be honest… I rarely use the cut page.

But like the rest of the DaVinci Resolve pages, there are more useful features than you know about.

For example, Source Tape on the cut page is actually a great way to review your footage in your project or a particular bin.

And trimming clips or working with multiple camera angles, especially when paired with the Speed Editor, can be really quick and easy.

So if you’re syncing multi-cam clips or want some quick clip adjustments, it’s worth using these techniques.

And remember, you can always quickly toggle back and forth between Edit and Cut pages.

I’m starting to use this page a little more as I discover its features and advantages.

In this video from Chris Roberts Video Production & Training, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:27 – Source Tape
  • 00:58 – Trim to Audio
  • 01:26 – Setting Duration
  • 02:09 – Trimming
  • 02:47 – Ripple Mode
  • 03:40 – Clip and Track Audio Adjustments
  • 04:30 – Close Up
  • 05:06 – Source Overwrite
  • 06:07 – Change Timecode
  • 06:27 – Sync Bin
  • 07:58 – Resync Clip

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