Color Grading Using a Bleach Bypass Look

The “bleach bypass” or “skip bleach” technique was popular in creating a look for a movie in the days of film.

Now with digital techniques, you can achieve a similar result using your color grading tools in DaVinci Resolve.

No film lab required!

Film emulation in a complicated topic, and some of the items in film are imperfections you may not want to include in your look.

But depending on your creative goals, you have a lot of control in post to shape your image to do what you want.

Since you’re setting a look, be sure to do these operations on Timeline nodes so it applies to the whole video. That also means you need to be careful and ensure the look works for all your clips.

If your goal is an exact match, you’d want to be working with film scans, lots of references, and plenty of patience…

As a general creative process, this will help you shape your grade with a cool and customizable look!

In this video from Team 2 Films, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:10 Chemistry
  • 01:27 References
  • 01:46 Bleach Bypass
  • 04:49 Halation
  • 06:25 Glow
  • 07:45 Grain
  • 09:27 Flare
  • 11:33 Dirt
  • 12:35 Film Print
  • 15:53 Result
  • 16:22 Conclusion

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  1. GREAT description, very easy to follow. Well done!!

    I do have another Q, though, which is of topic.
    Is there any way to export the frame grab images as jpg files?

    Thanks in advance


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