Pro Retouching Tips with Fusion + Mocha

Need to do some retouching effects? This is a must-watch.

Whether it’s a blemish on your talent or a pesky speck of dust on a shirt, retouching effects can help clean up distracting elements that weren’t caught while shooting.

In this case, Chadwick tracks with Mocha Pro, but for most shots you should be able to use Fusion’s native tools.

There’s several great techniques in here worth learning. Frequency separation, perspective positioning, corner pinning, and lots of workflow tips.

In this video from Creative Video Tips, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:00 Pro Paint Cleanup In Resolve
  • 00:40 Top Down Mid View
  • 02:47 Mocha Pro Tracking for Fusion
  • 05:25 Fixing Bad Tracking
  • 06:23 Importing Mocha Data to Fusion
  • 07:48 Perspective Positioning – Stabilize
  • 08:19 Resolve Fusion Frequency Separation
  • 11:03 Stabilized Clone Painting
  • 12:09 Wacom Tablet Pressure
  • 13:25 Reverse Stabilization – Add Motion Back
  • 14:28 Mask the Patch
  • 16:34 Merge the Patch

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