Line Animation Techniques in Fusion

Straight lines, curvy lines, wiggly lines!

Line animations are great to spice up any background or add emphasis to your motion graphics.

By drawing and animated polylines with Fusion in DaVinci Resolve, you can quickly make some cool looking graphics for your video.

Key techniques to practice include drawing shapes, easing keyframes, and animating various parameters for your lines.

And by duplicating lines, you can easily fill your composition with many different animations.

In this video from SUALVI, you’ll learn about:

  • Adding a polyline
  • Animating the line
  • Looping keyframes in Spline panel
  • Animating length and position parameters
  • Keyframe easing
  • Duplicating lines
  • Wiggly lines
  • Gradient color
  • Using Multimerge

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