Advanced Masking with Magic Mask

The Magic Mask can be used to isolate your subject from the background, but you can also use it with other forms of masking for greater control over your image.

For example, you can invert the mask to grade only the background.

Or combine it with Power Windows to further isolate parts of the image.

Used in context with all your grading tools, you’ll be able to quickly control the parts of your image however you’d like.

In this video from Color Grading Insights, you’ll learn about:

  • Color balancing a clip
  • Adjusting contrast
  • Adjusting saturation with Color Warper
  • Isolating subject with Magic Mask
  • Tracking the bask
  • Inverting the mask to adjust the background
  • Adding a gradient Power Window
  • Grading with the Log Wheels
  • Combining a Qualifier key with Power Window

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