Using Resolve’s Halation OFX Plugin Plus Dehancer Comparison

Curious about the new Halation effect in Resolve? Here’s a video for you.

Halation originally came from film, where very bright lights would cause a halo effect.

It’s one of the more popular elements used in a film emulation workflow, but you can use it on its own if you like the look of it.

In this video from Darren Mostyn, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:29 What is Halation?
  • 01:32 Footage explained
  • 02:14 My Color management settings*
  • 02:50 BEGINNERS* – Forget color management
  • 03:43 Applying DaVinci Resolve Halation OFX
  • 13:14 Applying the Dehancer Halation Plugin
  • 20:14 Wrap up and Conclusion.

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