Organizing Clips in Multiple Projects with Power Bins

Power Bins are one of DaVinci Resolve’s great organization features.

They’re like Bins in your project, but they are available in every project in your Project Library.

That lets you access common media you reuse regularly, like logos, titles, or sound effects… without needing to add them manually to every project.

That means saving time!

Bins aren’t just for clips. You can drag custom titles in there, as well as Fusion comps, adjustment clips with your favorite settings, and more.

If you’re not using them, give it a try!

In this video from Jason Yadlovski, you’ll learn about:

  • 0:28 What are Power Bins?
  • 0:58 How to Show Power Bins
  • 1:53 How to Create New Power Bin
  • 2:04 Add Files to Power Bin – Drag and Drop
  • 2:20 Entire Folder Structure into Power Bin
  • 4:51 Not Dynamically Linked
  • 5:32 Power Bin Pop-Out Window!
  • 6:32 How to Backup Power Bins
  • 7:27 Restore/Add Power Bins to New Library
  • 8:45 Power Bins in Multiple Tabs

You can learn more from Jason in his course, Audio Essentials for Video Editors.

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