Tips for the Fusion Planar Tracker

If you’re compositing with moving objects in your shot, you’ll need to master tracking.

When working with flat surfaces, one of your favorite tools will be the Planar Tracker. It allows you to track an area, then easily add your comp with a corner pin and other tools.

In VFXstudy‘s in-depth video, you’ll learn:

  • Adding the planar tracker to your node flow
  • Applying the correct settings for your tracker
  • How to select the best area for tracking
  • Masking a tracker for when objects move in front
  • Manually fixing tracker data
  • Adding and blending in your comped footage

This is a great tool to use for replacing signs, billboards, and logos on buildings.

Do you have other favorite uses for the planar tracker? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Please help the planner tracker is not working for me, I have the studio version, I select the area I was to track, press set , then when I track forward or backwards it tracks one frame then stops, it has only work once for me. I’ve looked high and low and no one can help me, I’m the middle if editing a music video…..


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