Complete Guide to Channel Boolean Nodes in Fusion

There’s some serious power in Fusion’s channel boolean node… but what does it do?

It’s driven by simple logic, but it’s an advanced tool and has many advanced options for a savvy compositor.

Explained simply, It allows you to do several different types of operations to join images.

Still confused?

VFXstudy walks us through…

  • The main controls
  • What each operation does
  • An overview of the logic behind the tool
  • How to manipulate a mask
  • Inverting an effect
  • Matching noise in a comp
  • Recreating merge node functionality
  • 3D channel boolean demo
  • Additional functions for compositing multiple passes

This is one of those tools that does so much, it’s hard to cover everything.

It’s a swiss-army knife of compositing nodes so get to know this tool if you’re a pro artist.

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