Advanced Point Tracking for Compositing and Motion Graphics

Tracking is one of the most important tasks in VFX workflows.

Track data can be used to attach masks, plates, text, creating motion graphics, or stabilizing the shot.

Being able to get accurate results may be the difference between a shot that works and one that looks totally wrong.

In this video from VFX Study, you’ll learn about:

  • 01:15 Simple Match Movement with 2 Points
  • 11:10 Mask Paint
  • 14:38 Adaptive Tracking and Path Extrapolation
  • 19:30 Connecting to Path Position
  • 22:24 Paint a Path
  • 24:26 Stabilizing the Scene
  • 33:56 Appending a Track
  • 35:51 Working with Offset and Angle
  • 41:39 Position, Angle and Distance between Tracking Points
  • 49:15 Animated Text from Distance

In the YouTube description, there’s more info about downloading the tutorial files so you can practice yourself!

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