When To Use a Parallel Node

Want to understand when to use parallel nodes when grading?

We’ve got serial nodes, parallel nodes, layer nodes, outside nodes… and they each have different functions.

Understanding these will help you grade faster and better.

Parallel nodes are a great tool for separating your actions but having them happen at the same time in your image pipeline.

In this video, Darren Mostyn will show you:

  • 00:25 Overview of my Fixed Node Tree
  • 00:57 Complete Beginners Guide to Serial and Parallel Nodes in under 4 MINS!
  • 04:41 Breakdown of my Node Tree
  • 06:27 Dodge and Burn
  • 07:22 Why not use Serial Nodes?
  • 08:21 How does it work?

And there you have it! You’re now an expert on parallel nodes. Be sure to check out other node tutorials to become an expert on the other types!

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