Must-Have Tool MagicAnimate V3 Released by MrAlexTech

If you haven’t used the previous versions of this tool, you’ve been missing out.

Magic Animate is a fantastic tool for quickly animating just about anything in your timeline… without setting keyframes!

For anyone doing corporate video, titles, YouTube videos, or anything with animated elements I would call this an essential item in your DaVinci Resolve toolkit.

And continuing the tradition of the previous versions…

It’s FREE.

Magic Animate V3 sports a cleaner interface, better performance, and more control over your elements.

You can apply the effect to a video clip or adjustment clip. You’ll then be able to zoom, whip in or out, resize, spin, and much more.

Click here to learn more and download for free.

This release also includes a premium version with various presets and additional controls.

Alex mentions that there will be updates over time for additional preset packs that all sound useful.

Premium version is currently $29.99.

Click here to learn more and purchase the premium version.

I’m continually impressed by MrAlexTech’s work.

MagicAnimate V2 has been awesome to use for several of my editing projects, so I’m very excited to dive into using V3 for future videos.

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