Normalizing Audio Deliverables

Here’s how to set an audio normalization standard on the Deliver page.

When exporting a video, you’ll want the loudness levels to match the standards required by the delivery platform.

Now that this can be done on the Deliver page, it’s easy to do!

This doesn’t replace having to balance your audio levels or any other important mixing tasks, but it will help ensure that you don’t output a video that’s too loud or too quiet.

There’s also some helpful info in the video about the various standards for normalization and how they differ.

In this video from Team 2 Films, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:13 How To Normalize Audio
  • 00:31 What Is It?
  • 01:15 Volume Meters
  • 02:52 Why Use It?
  • 03:23 Which Settings to use
  • 05:12 Practical example
  • 07:34 What It Is NOT!
  • 08:29 When to Use?
  • 08:57 Conclusion

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