Make Dialogue Sound Better in Fairlight

Got bad audio?

The best way to ensure better audio is to record it with good quality gear in ideal conditions.

But as most video pros know, that’s not always possible!

You might have changing levels, muddy sound, background hiss noises, or not enough clarity in the speaker’s voice.

DaVinci Resolve includes lots of great audio tools on the Fairlight page to help improve your audio.

In this video from Jason Yadlovski, you’ll learn about:

  • 0:00 Make Your Audio Sound Professional
  • 0:25 Tips to Record Great Audio
  • 2:44 Set Levels in Camera
  • 3:40 Jump into DaVinci Resolve Fairlight – Check Levels
  • 4:47 How to Adjust Levels
  • 5:23 Audio Cleanup using EQ
  • 6:40 Remove Muddiness – High Pass
  • 8:15 Remove Hiss – Low Pass
  • 9:38 Remove Nasal, Honky, Muffled Frequencies
  • 12:39 Increase Vocal Clarity
  • 14:18 Remove Boxy/Muffled/Honky Frequencies

You can learn more from Jason in his course, Audio Essentials for Video Editors.

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