Creating a Glass Overlay Effect in Fusion

This cool overlay effect can add a nice touch to your videos.

With some creative use of nodes, you can create a Glassy image or text overlay onto your footage.

One of the key techniques here is adding a a Media In node to a Fusion composition, and setting it to Background. This will allow the comp to pull in the track underneath it on the timeline.

Because the background relies on a lower track, you can easily save this as a preset by dragging the Fusion composition clip to your media pool for later use.

In this video from SUALVI, you’ll learn about:

  • Adding a Fusion composition to timeline
  • Adding a background
  • Setting Background with Media In node
  • Repositioning with Transform Node
  • Refraction with Zoom blur
  • Adjusting border
  • Adding shadow
  • Pasting an Instance
  • Adding text
  • Adjusting keyframes
  • Saving the overlay

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