Magic Mask Basics in DaVinci Resolve

Isolate your subject in no time with DaVinci Resolve’s Magic Mask.

You can use this for color grading, cutting out your subject, or other compositing tasks.

It’s quick, it’s flexible, and gets great results without needing to manually roto.

While it is called “magic” – it can’t do everything for you. Don’t expect it to replace advanced compositing features or be as accurate as frame by frame rotoscoping. But for quick effects, it’s really good!

When using it on the color page, you can also get more flexibility by keeping your magic mask in one node, cache the node for better performance, then output the key (blue triangle) into another node and apply your adjustments or other effects there.

In this video from MrAlexTech, you’ll learn about:

  • 01:18 Versions
  • 02:07 Color Page Overview
  • 04:23 Faster Vs Better
  • 05:49 Grading & Effects
  • 06:38 Delete Background
  • 07:39 Trickier Track (neigh)
  • 09:33 People Vs Object
  • 10:18 Track Multiple
  • 11:18 Color Page limitation!
  • 11:37 FUSION
  • 14:00 Done

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