Easy Dailies Cutting from Timeline to Timeline

Want to speed up your edits?

A good first step is creating a selects reel from your dailies. This lets you put all the best takes in one place so you can move them to your main timeline later.

With Resolve’s keyboard shortcuts, you can do this super quickly with stacked timelines.

In this video from Creative Video Tips, you’ll learn:

  • 00:00 – How to Edit Timeline to Timeline in Resolve
  • 00:47 – Setup – The KEM Stringout
  • 02:43 – Setup – Decompose Compound Clips
  • 04:44 – Setup – Keyboard Customization
  • 05:18 – Setup – Stacked Timelines
  • 05:55 – Edit Timeline to Timeline
  • 08:36 – Cut Page Source Tape vs Edit Page Stringouts
  • 10:50 – Swap Timeline Advantages

Happy Editing!

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