Intro to Using Textures on 3D Objects

Want to apply material textures to your 3D text or objects?

It’s a great way to add interest to your motion graphics… and it’s 100% necessary to make any model look remotely realistic.

So if you’re working in 3D, this is going to be an essential part of the workflow to master.

Check out the video from Casey Faris to help you get started! He covers:

  • Creating some 3D shapes
  • Downloading free textures
  • Importing the textures into Fusion
  • Applying each texture image to a material node
  • Adding the material to our object
  • Lighting

If you want to apply a texture to text+ node, make sure your use use the ReplaceMaterial3D, as shown in the video. Text+ has no material input.

You don’t need a ReplaceMaterial3D node for Shape3D nodes, as they have it’s own material input.

The great thing about textures is that they’re easy to find online, many for free! Just a quick search for “3D textures free” or something like that should give you plenty of options.

Go forth and texture your 3D worlds!

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