How to Draw on Video with the Paint Tool

Want to mark up your video?

It’s easy enough on images, but it’s also possible on your videos!

There’s annotation, which is just for reference while you’re editing. To draw so that it actually exports, you’ll want the paint tool.

Once you become familiar with the paint tool in Fusion, all sorts of effects and rotoscoping features become possible.

And there are a LOT of options with the paint tool, so don’t feel like you need to master it all. Find one feature you’ll use and give it a shot!

In this video from Chris’ Tutorials, you’ll learn about:

  • 0:00 What to Expect
  • 0:33 Annotation Mode
  • 3:18 Paint Node (Exports with Video)
  • 3:59 Stroke Tool
  • 5:43 Multistroke Tool
  • 9:07 CloneMultistroke Tool
  • 10:16 PolylineStroke Tool
  • 12:10 Circle & Rectangle Tools
  • 13:09 CopyPolyline Tool
  • 14:41 CopyEllipse Tool
  • 15:48 CopyRectangle Tool
  • 16:10 Fill Tool

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  1. nice vid but you skipped over the one thing i was looking for, which i how to draw circle outline, without filling it in. you mentioned doing this, but omitted the explanation. maybe it’s not possible? i just want to put a red circle around a part of the video to draw the viewer’s attention to it.


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