Easy Object Removal in DaVinci Resolve

Need to get rid of an object in your shot?

There’s a few easy options that are available, some even accessible on the edit page.

The Patch Replacer tool is a simple clone-brush style tool that lets you replace an area with another part of your image.

It’s almost as easy as copy and pasting. With a few simple customizable controls, you can get rid of an unwanted object, person, vehicle, or spec of dust.

The Object Removal tool is great when there’s more motion, as it can be used with a tracked power window.

These tools won’t work 100% of the time, especially if you’re working with lots of movement or complex objects. For that, some more advanced VFX techniques will be needed.

But these are a great starting point and will work for lots of quick fixes.

In this video from MrAlexTech, you’ll learn about:

  • 01:35 Patch Replace
  • 03:38 Object Removal Overview
  • 07:28 Scene Modes
  • 08:27 Example 2
  • 09:24 Search Range
  • 10:21 Oh Easy example
  • 11:19 Tricky Example

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