VFX Compositing Tips – Tracking and Adding Sunglasses

If you’re getting into compositing, this is a good place to start.

When adding an element to a shot, you’ll want to track it, match move, color grade, add lighting and reflections, and blur.

While this isn’t a full step-by-step tutorial, it’s a great walk through of how to think through a shot.

In this video from Casey Faris, you’ll learn about:

  • Adding glasses element
  • Masking to avoid reflections
  • tracking with Planar Tracker
  • Merging the glasses element over footage
  • Applying Motion Blur
  • Matching with Color Corrector
  • Adding drop shadow
  • Adding new reflections
  • Applying movement to reflection

Also check out Casey’s Fusion Zero to Hero course for more Fusion tips!

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