Advanced Object Removal VFX with Projection Mapping in Fusion

Painting out objects is a common VFX task.

DaVinci Resolve’s Object Removal effect can do a lot, but for complex objects or camera movement, it may not be enough.

This is where paint and projection mapping come in.

Projection Mapping is a VFX technique that means placing images on 3D geometry. In this case, it’s projecting a frame with the object removed back onto the original footage.

It takes some practice, but understanding this will help you accomplish more complex compositing operations.

In this video from Chris Tempel, you’ll learn about:

  • Why a planar tracker won’t work
  • 3D Camera tracking
  • Configuring Camera Tracker
  • Viewing our generated 3D scene
  • Adding image planes
  • Duplicating camera for projection
  • Freezing a frame
  • Adding a Paint Node
  • Painting out the object
  • Using a camera as a projector
  • Adding Catcher to the image planes
  • Merging projection over original shot
  • Roto for masking the projection
  • Adjusting the projection geometry

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