3 Simple Ways to Transfer a Davinci Resolve Project To Another Computer

Need to send your project to someone else? It’s a little different than sending a project file for other editing apps.

DaVinci Resolve stores it’s projects in a database called the Project Library, not an individual file.

It may be confusing at first, but you’ll get used to it!

And you’ll likely also see the advantages for organization, backups, and more.

This does make it counterintuitive for how to send the project to a collaborator…

But there are several great options!

In this video from Alex Cameron – Depiqd, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:38 – Export and Import Projects
  • 02:52 – BONUS TIP: Export Timelines and Bins ONLY
  • 05:28 – Let me answer your questions!
  • 06:14 – Using Project Archives
  • 09:31 – Using Cloud Projects and Collaboration
  • 12:20 – My Favourite Option?
  • 12:33 – Final Thoughts

2 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways to Transfer a Davinci Resolve Project To Another Computer”

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  1. Can you make DR automatically save a project file into a directory every time you save.. So you don’t have to remember to export it? I can see people forgetting to do this and backing a project directory would miss the project file.

  2. Thank-you for a fantastic guide to this requirement, really well presented and a great explanation. I’m sending a .drp file, but I’m going to consider getting cloud for joint working!


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