Create Eye-Catching Map Animation in Fusion

Going on an adventure? An animated map is a motion graphic type that looks great and can add some production value to your travel video, documentary, or Indiana Jones fan film.

With some simple nodes, you can put a map and an object into 3D space and animate it in any way you want.

This is also a good introduction to a few of Fusion’s 3D tools if you haven’t used them before.

There are plenty of possible settings, for animation, so feel free to experiment!

In this video from MotionEpicFX, you’ll learn about:

  • Importing media
  • Cropping image
  • Adding media to 3D Image Planes
  • Merging and resizing
  • Animate Translate Group
  • Animating camera movement
  • Creating shadow
  • Perturb modifier

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