Adding Light Streak Effects in Fusion

This is a fun effect to add some flare to your motion graphics.

By animating a line along a path and making it glow, you can very quickly have a cool light streak dancing around the screen and illuminating the background.

It just goes to show that a few tools used well can do a lot.

There’s even several variations of styles shown as each tool is tweaked.

In this video from Casey Faris, you’ll learn about:

  • Merging Text+ over a background
  • Creating a custom shape with Polygon
  • Adjusting Polygon paremeters
  • Animating the shape
  • Adding a glowing core
  • Texture with FastNoise
  • Lighting a background with the glowing shape
  • Adding Stroke to Text
  • Using Text+ as a Mask
  • Adjusting animation
  • Adding Camera Shake
  • Organizing with Underlays

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