Guide to LUA Scripting in DaVinci Resolve

Want to create your own feature in Fusion?

It’s possible now with scripting! Scripting is coding a set of instructions that the app will run.

Quick note: The name of the video says it’s for “absolute beginners”. This is a great guide for people new to scripting, it’s probably not for someone totally new to Resolve.

You don’t need any coding experience to follow this tutorial. It starts from scratch and gives you everything you need to write a script.

Most of the video is coding basics, but they’re necessary to get to the end where you gain the ability to modify your Fusion tools.

In this video from Learn Now FX, you’ll learn about:

  • The basics of coding
  • LUA
  • What scripts can do in Resolve
  • Declaring variables
  • Using the Fusion console
  • Creating conditional statements
  • Loop functions
  • Commenting in code
  • Arrays
  • Methods for adjusting your comp
  • Controlling the active tool
  • Adding an expression

Happy coding!

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