Creating Smooth Rolling Credits

Want to add rolling credits to your movie?

This is a fairly standard text effect to add to films and videos, and I couldn’t figure out how to do it at first.

Thankfully there’s tutorials for that sort of thing now.

In this video from Paul Saccone, you’ll learn:

  • Adding a fusion composition
  • Adding a text to the node flow
  • Understanding the controls
  • Creating multi-column layouts
  • Pasting from a text editor
  • Using character level styling
  • Animating using a transform node
  • Using keyframe & spline tools for smooth animation

Did you know how many options you had in that text tool? Pretty great.

And the smooth animation tip is incredibly useful for any kind of long animation you’d want to create.

Do you have another method of creating more credit sequences? Share in the comments below!

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