How to Import 3D Objects With Textures

Ever wondered how to add a 3D model to your scene?

Don’t let VFX feel out of your grasp. Soon, you too can make a spaceship fly across the sky… and you don’t need to be Elon Musk or spend billions of dollars.

In this in-depth tutorial from Tech VideoStack, you’ll learn how to import an existing 3D object into Fusion


  • Download a 3D model from the internet (there are lots available for free!)
  • Create a new fusion composition
  • The right way to import 3D model
  • Applying Textures to the model
  • Connecting and modifying the materials

You can download the 3D model he uses for free from

In order to follow along you should ideally already have some familiarity with the Fusion interface and the 3D environment. If not, you’ll still get a good idea of how the process works and then can start with a simpler model.

If you’ve experimented a little with textures and materials in Fusion, going through the steps in this tutorial will help you understand how to affect textures to add custom detail to your 3D objects.

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