How to Match Cameras with Color Charts

Need to match different cameras or shots with different lighting conditions?

If you’ve got footage with a color chart, you’re in luck.

By having an object with defined color values as a reference, you’re job of getting different camera or lighting conditions to match has been made easier.

While it’s possible to use the Color Match tool to transform your footage into display space, I feel like that’s a relic of a pre-ACES/Resolve Color Management era where color space transforms and easily accessible camera color space info was not the norm.

But for matching, it’s still a valuable tool.

Then again, there are still some cameras out there without color space transform support, so you could use it for those too!

In this video from Team 2 Films, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:42 Color Managed Timelines
  • 02:10 Using the Color Match tool
  • 03:40 Non-Color managed Timelines
  • 06:19 Extra Settings
  • 07:07 When the Color Charts are most useful

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