DaVinci Resolve Icon Pack for Elgato Stream Deck by lukerosspost

Since its release, the Elgato Stream Deck has become a commonly used product among post production professionals.

The customizable LCD buttons make it flexible and fun to use for many different workflows.

I’ve had mine for a while and am constantly finding new uses for it.

The amount of options available can be overwhelming, especially when starting from scratch.

Fortunately, others have created pre-made profiles to help you get started.

Colorist Luke Ross has built a colorist profile & icon pack for the Stream Deck & Stream Deck XL.

The icons are slick, the layouts are well thought-out, and there’s room for more customization.

WHAT’S INCLUDED in the Stream Deck XL pack:

  • 287 PNG icons (72x72px)
  • Dynamic, visual icon layouts with optional labels
  • 11x individual, pre-programmed Stream Deck profiles
  • 1x Stream Deck master profiles backup
  • 1x DaVinci Resolve shortcut key preset profile
  • 1x Shortcut PDF Guide
  • 1x ReadMe document


  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS
  • Shortcut keys made for DaVinci Resolve
  • Designed for the Elgato Stream Deck XL

If you have a Stream Deck and want to save yourself some setup time, definitely consider checking out one of these packs.

To learn more and purchase, visit the LukeRossPost Store.

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