Working with Green Screen on the Color Page

Here’s how to key out a green screen quickly on the color page.

But should you? Isn’t that what Fusion is for?

As Warren mentions in the video, he would previously not say yes to doing green screen keying work as it’s a VFX job, and not a colorist task. Sounds like he’s saying yes a little bit more now while using this technique.

When it comes to high end narrative film work, green screen keying is indeed a VFX artist job. You’ll get a better result and have more control using Fusion to do this sort of work. But that takes longer and requires different skills.

For temporary comps, quick jobs, or anything else where cinematic perfection isn’t the goal… this workflow is quick and works pretty well!

In this video from fxphd | fxguide, you’ll learn about:

  • Setting up footage on separate tracks
  • Keying the Green with 3D keyer
  • Masking a garbage matte
  • Tracking the mask
  • Adding an alpha output
  • Adding Despill to remove green
  • Matte Finesse tools
  • Creating compound clip and grading the shot
  • Adjusting the individual shots within the compound clip

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