Surprisingly Useful Cut Page Features

Have you been using the cut page?

If not, there’s a few feature you may be missing out on that could help you to edit faster.

There’s a lot available in the cut page but some of it’s very different from the Edit page, but it might just work better for you, depending on the type of videos you work on.

Being able to resize or see safe area guides, for example, is essential for anyone working on videos for social media.

The source tape feature is great for quickly reviewing or scrubbing through all your footage.

In this video from MrAlexTech, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:10 STRIP View
  • 01:40 QUICK TOOLS
  • 02:30 MORE Dynamic Zoom
  • 03:18 AUTO COLOR
  • 05:46 SAFE ZONES
  • 06:50 SOURCE TAPE
  • 10:09 SNAP Zoom
  • 11:36 QUICK Export
  • 12:34 SYNC Bin (kinda)

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