On Set Grading With Resolve Live

Need to know how to grade live on set for virtual production or DIT work?

You can! This is a feature you might not have heard of:

The aptly named Resolve Live.

In this video from MiesnerMedia you’ll learn about:

  • Input settings
  • Project settings
  • Turning on Resolve Live
  • Grading the image live!
  • Freezing an image to grade a still
  • Generating a lut from your grade

Pretty neat, right?

You’ll likely only have use for this if you’re in a studio or an on-set DIT.

But if you come up with some creative uses for streaming or anything like that, would love to hear about it!

4 thoughts on “On Set Grading With Resolve Live”

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  1. hi, i just started using this feature for color grading the final output of my ATEM 2 broadcast, but i have a problem:
    for capturing the output of the ATEM, i’m using a blackmagic decklink duo(2),
    when i select the input in resolve, and activate resolve live, it works fine, the video show up, and i can grade it.
    then trough another SDI connector of the decklink, i output the graded video, for monitoring and for sending it to vmix for streaming.
    the issue is that THERE IS NO AUDIO, but the atem is outputting it, and if i use vmix(for example) for capture the video, both audio and video are there.
    i think there is some kind of setting in davinci that does not work, i’m pretty sure he cannot recieve the audio input, because, if i place a video track in the timeline and play it, davinci outputs the audio through the SDI connector set to OUTPUT on the decklink.

    hope you can help me out, i’ll appreciate thanks

    • It’s still around – in Video and Audio I/O there is no longer a ‘For Resolve Live use’ parameter, but you can still set it up using the ‘Capture Device’. You can also check out the ‘Resolve Live’ chapter 14 in the Reference manual.


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