Working Faster Using Remote and Local Grades

Grading one clip is easy, but when working on a long timeline you should be familiar with DaVinci Resolve’s tools for managing your grades.

Remote and Local Grades are some of these essential tools.

By default, Resolve is using local grades. Meaning one grade for each clip. A remote grade applies to all clips from the same source media.

If you have a timeline with many clips from the same source media, you can easily apply to same grade to all of those clips with Remote grades.

This is especially useful for interviews, multicam, events, podcasts, or anything else with several clips from the same source.

You can also toggle between local and remote, and copy grades from one to the other, so you’re not locked into any one way of using it.

In this video from Team 2 Films, you’ll learn about:

  • The difference between local vs remote grades
  • How to switch between each
  • Copying from one to the other
  • Practical examples in a project
  • Using remote grades in multiple timelines

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