Building Looks in DaVinci Resolve

So you know what the color controls do, but how do we actually create a look for a project?

Cullen Kelly explains in this multi-part series that is a must-watch for beginner colorists.

In part one we’re learning about the contrast curve.

This is a foundational part of creating a look that Cullen applies to a whole timeline. This isn’t a correction for individual shots, but the contrast for our project as a whole.

You’ll see how to apply the look to your timeline and then going between multiple shots to tweak it and ensure it works for all shots.

We’ll also learn about setting the black and white points.

In part 2, we add color separation to our look. Rather than tonal/luminance contrast, we’re now adding color contrast.

You’ll see how to do that with custom curves, as well as some important features with custom curves.

Part 3 is all about harmonizing the colors in your shots using the “hue vs” custom curves.

Finally in part 4, we’re learning about the bold color wash look.

This is about creating a bold look that feels organic to the shot, not like a filter that’s applied.

That’s all folks! You should now have a good understanding of how to create a look, basically your own custom film print stock, for your project.

What sort of looks will you create?

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