10 Fusion Tips & Tricks

Fusion can feel intimidating at first (it was for me, anyway) but as you dive deeper you’ll see there’s a lot of power under the hood.

Many features and shortcuts are not easy to find – I hope Blackmagic will improve that in the future.

Until then, we’ve got excellent videos like this one from Millolab Tuts to help us through!

This video includes some great tips, several were new to me, for helping you to roto quickly and make great comps.

Tips include

  1. Multiframe Roto
  2. Fast Point Selection
  3. Roto Shortcuts
  4. Word by Word animation
  5. Paint Overlay
  6. Paint on Transparent
  7. Opacity Options
  8. Invert with Alpha
  9. Color Supression
  10. Spline Editor Shortcuts

I’ll be practicing all the roto shortcuts to get quicker and better.

Which was your favorite? Comment below!

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