Combining Takes Using Masks in Fusion

Editing is about timing and pacing. And sometimes the timing of a performance is off…

But that doesn’t mean it’s a ruined take!

With some clever masking and compositing, you can change the timing of a performance in only part of the frame.

For example, you could change just the left side of the frame to begin sooner. Or combine different takes.

So many movies and TV shows use this technique to get the perfect edit.

What am I talking about? Check out this in-depth tutorial.

In this video from Creative Video Tips, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:00 Invisible Handheld Split Screen
  • 01:13 Edit Page Timing – Rough Comp
  • 04:14 Tripod Method
  • 04:57 The 4-Step Process
  • 05:39 Fusion Crash Course for Video Editors
  • 06:42 Step 1: Camera Locked Off Stabilization (BG Trackers)
  • 09:07 Better Tracks with Color Channels
  • 10:57 Suspend & Rename Trackers
  • 13:45 Step 2a: Polygon Mask
  • 16:16 Step 2b: Merge with “Difference”
  • 17:48 Refining a Double Polygon
  • 19:06 Step 3: De-Stabilize (FG Tracker)
  • 21:52 Step 4: Hide Frame Edge Transparency

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