Advanced Depth of Field

Create depth of field in post.

Whether working on live action or CG footage, you can apply blurs to give you an in-camera depth of field effect.

To make it look realistic, just a regular blur isn’t enough.

There are methods with Fusion’s native tools as well as 3rd party plugins that can help you achieve a good result.

This is covering 2D compositing options.

Once you bring your scene into 3D in Fusion, you have even more options for creating depth of field with your 3D camera. But that’s a little beyond the scope of what Bernd is covering here.

In this video from VFXstudy, you’ll learn about:

  • 01:58 – Depth Map Set-up
  • 03:16 – Problem of using Depth as Mask
  • 05:21 – Background Blur uses Foreground
  • 06:05 – Variblur
  • 07:49 – Frischluft OFX
  • 10:47 – Manual Depth Layering
  • 14:42 – Background Blur with Live Action Footage

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