Face Refinement as Subtle Digital Makeup

Sometimes makeup happens in post, too.

Fix it in production as much as you can.

But sometimes details go unnoticed and you’ll want to adjust facial features later.

Anything major may be a job for VFX… but DaVinci Resolve has several good options for subtle enhancements of the face.

Using the Face Refinement tool you’re able to smooth skin, adjust lighting, change color, and choose specific parts of the face to adjust.

Basically, doing the job of makeup.

Use it sparingly and subtly, but it’s an excellent feature for when you really need it.

In this video from Sergio Mota | Academy, you’ll learn about:

  • Finding Face Refinement OFX tool
  • Analyzing the face
  • Adjusting the texture
  • Modifying lighting and color on facial features
  • Getting rid of shine and bright spots

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