Fusion Paint Tool Basics for Fixes and VFX

From painting out objects to drawing, the Paint tool does it all.

The paint node in Fusion is more like a whole paint toolkit. It’s not a matter of what it can do, but what you want to do with it.

Got an unwanted object in frame? Use the clone tool to paint it out.
Want to draw freehand? You can do that.
Feel like making shapes for your motion graphics? Easy.

This is a tool worth becoming familiar with for anyone doing VFX or motion graphics. Here’s a great overview for you…

In this video from XunileConsulting, you’ll learn about:

  • The many uses of the Paint Tool
  • Opening Fusion
  • Adding a Paint node
  • Overview of controls in the inspector
  • Multistroke mode
  • Polyline Stroke options
  • Paint Shapes: Circle, Rectangle
  • Copy Shapes for Patch Replacement
  • Painting over a background
  • Clone brush controls
  • Changing clone source

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